Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

After your session/event, will share a sneak peek on social media within a week, a blog post of our favorite photos within two weeks, and the full gallery will be delivered as high resolution digital files via an online gallery within four weeks!

What time of day do you take photos?

We only take photos around sunrise or sunset. We are experts in lighting and these times of day provide optimal lighting for the dreamiest pictures. We will discuss timing with you upon booking.

The only time we shoot outside of sunrise and sunset times are for weddings. When you book a wedding with us, we talk to you before your wedding to discuss possible options for the timing of photographs to produce the best images!

Why is the timing listed as "up to" a certain amount of time?

We like to give you an idea of how long the session will take! However, we are conscientious of your time and we are incredibly efficient. Sometimes the sessions do not take the full amount of time scheduled because we are able to get all the photos promptly. We never sacrifice quality and will spend the appropriate amount of time to give you the best photos!

For weddings we will be there for the entire time agreed upon in the contract.

What does "sessions times are consecutive" mean?

Our session times are consecutive which means that there are no breaks/interruptions during the session/event.

For example, if a wedding starts at 10:00am and we are booked for 8 hours, that rate applies until 6:00pm. Similarly, if a senior session starts at 7:00pm and lasts up to 90 minutes, any travel time to another location is included in the 90 minutes.

If there will be planned breaks during the event or long travel times, we will provide you with a custom quote!

I don't need very many photos, do you offer smaller packages?

A few times a year we hold mini sessions! If you are interested in one, reach out to us and we will let you know when the next mini sessions are.

Sometimes we can offer smaller sessions not during mini sessions - please send us a message and we will discuss any possible options with you!

What is included in a mini session?

Our mini sessions are priced lower than a normal session. You receive a specific amount of digital images and the option to pay for more. (Whereas a normal session you would receive all of the digital images that turn out.)

We send you the full online gallery where you can pick up to a certain amount for free and then if you're interested in more you can buy more!

If you are interested in mini sessions send us a message for pricing and availability!

Can I pay for more photos?

More photos are not available for purchase because we will always give you all the photos that turned out. We are skilled in culling and will remove photos that are out of focus, test shots, have unflattering expressions, etc. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality candid and posed photos! We guarantee at least the amount listed for each type of session!

Additionally, we do not send photos for review to choose from as we give you all the photos that turn out!

However, mini sessions do not include all digital images that turn out. When you book a mini session, you agree to receive a certain amount of photos and then have the option to pay for more. We will send you the full online gallery where you can choose which photos you'd like for free and which additional photos you'd like to purchase, if any.

Do you touch up all the images?

Yes, we do! Every photo that turns out will be edited and delivered to you as high resolutions digital files delivered via an online gallery.

What are some session preparation tips?

When you book with us, we send you a style guide that includes tips for how to dress and how to help your session go smoothly. We will fully prepare you in every way so when you come you can have fun and we will take care of the rest!

How do you implement posing during sessions and events?

First of all, don't worry about a thing! We will pose you and we pride ourselves on paying very close attention to detail and giving very specific instruction so even someone who has never been behind a camera before can feel confident!

On that note, sometimes posing can get a bad rap because it doesn't look as natural as candid photos. However, we believe posing is imperative in photos. We love to provide you with posed, looking at the camera photos as well as candid photos. These candid photos are actually most often posed, and then we draw on your emotion to create a beautifully curated image that is flattering and natural.

There are obviously times where we will not be posing. Some examples include during wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other times it would be inappropriate to interrupt. We are experienced in recognizing when to lead respectfully and when to be unnoticed. There are also some times during sessions that we capture lovely moments that happened naturally in between posing.

Above all, we want you to be able to remember how you felt in the moment and how you feel about those you love in the photos.

I tend to feel awkward taking photos - help!

We are known for being fun to be around and easy to talk to. Most of our clients have mentioned how comfortable the session felt. We are upbeat, happy, and considerate. We always strive to create the best images with an even better experience.

Don't worry about feeling nervous - most people do! Know that we are here to help you have fun and feel great! We can't wait to meet you!