This is definitely a session I will never forget! Cody and Sadie wanted engagement photos with mountains in them, so we decided to go to Schwabacher Landing - a tourist attraction in Jackson, WY with an incredible view of the Tetons. While we were there walking along a path, 5 grizzly bears came within arms reach of us. I wasn't sure what to do and my initial reaction was to get away! We ran and the bears started chasing us! Luckily a few hundred feet down there was a wedding party prepping for the ceremony. The groomsmen yelled at us to stop running and scared the bears off. Apparently, it was a mother bear who's pretty famous (her name is 399) and her four cubs. Mind you, when I say cubs I don't mean foot tall cute cubs...these cubs are leaving there mom any day now...they were MASSIVE.

So besides bruised knees when I fell running, we left with no physical harm! We were all pretty shaken. Sadie and Cody were amazing and finished the photo session with smiles (through tears no doubt haha). They are the sweetest couple ever and were so considerate and caring of each other and me.

Sadie and Cody, it truly was such an honor to spend time with you and take your photos. I will never forget your session for obvious reasons, haha... But even without the bears I would always remember your session because I truly cherish clients like you - completely in love and full of joy. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Best wishes!!