A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of photographing LeeAnn & Tanner! They are such a wonderful couple and were celebrating Tanner's graduation with new pictures. Tanner graduated from BYU-I a few weeks ago so we grabbed a few photos of him dressed in his cap and gown. We also were able to get some of LeeAnn - she graduated a few years ago but didn't have any photos done at the time. They both studied accounting and are planning to move soon where they both have jobs doing accounting. What a fun and exciting time!!

We could not believe the snow! It felt like Narnia and like we should be looking for the entrance back into the wardrobe! Haha! It was absolutely dreamy. You may not think waking up early in the morning to go take photos in heavy snow sounds dreamy, but the combination of this fun couple and gorgeous snow made this session a blast!

LeeAnn & Tanner, thank you so much for having us take your photos. We loved getting to know you. Tanner, we loved how conscientious you were of LeeAnn and how you were caring for her the whole time. LeeAnn, we loved how you brought genuine smiles to Tanner's face. Your love for each other was obvious! On our way back home after the session, we talked about how it was too bad you were moving because we felt like we could be good friends. We wish you the best of luck on your new adventure!! Congratulations on the graduation!!