Hey There! We are Parker + Abbey.

We are a husband and wife photography team and we have the best job. Though you’ll hardly notice us when it counts, we are lucky enough to get front row seats to some of the best and biggest moments of your life! We'll cheer you on, laugh with you, cry with you, and dance with you! For us, it is a complete honor and privilege to be by your side, helping you focus on the good stuff and providing space for you to fully experience the special moments.

Parker has ten years of photography experience under his belt. He has an eye for small and big details - he will create and edit classic, beautiful images. Abbey helps with posing, fixing the stray hair or untucked shirt, and social media.

When all is said and done, we will create for you a collection of timeless photographs that will preserve your legacy of love and stand as a memory for not only you, but your children and grandchildren.


  • Our two children
  • Playing card games together
  • Being outdoors
  • TV Shows like Pysch, The Great British Baking Show, and This Is Us
  • Reading
  • Popcorn and Ice Cream (not together, of course!)
  • Going on drives
  • Rexburg and the surrounding area


Parker has recently received his MBA and plans to do investments and real estate, as well as continue doing photography. He likes to play guitar, watch sports, and create art.

Abbey got her degree in Elementary Education a few years ago and stays home with the kids. She is an organization queen, lifelong learner, and pro chocolate chip cookie maker.


We met in junior high. We both thought the other was cute, but nothing came from it during our high school years. A few years later, we ran into each other at the grocery store and hit it off. We went out pretty much every day after that!

We got engaged a few months later and married a year after we started dating. The rest is history!


Ruth Ann

“Great photographer! Love the moments he catches, the natural and genuine look of the subjects. When I look at the pictures he takes of people I know I think, "You captured exactly how they are!" Very professional and keeps things moving at the photo shoot. Quick turn around time in receiving pictures. Cares a lot about the finished product he provides and customer satisfaction. Would highly recommend.”

01 / 11